Oliver Johnson

name Oliver Johnson is a webmaster at the company UncomfortableFoot, who specialize in quality footwear. He moved to Atlanta 7 years ago to join the company and has had no regrets, finding the area beautiful and the work interesting. The perfect location for him, he enjoys exploring the local sights with a combination of hiking and biking around the region. He also ensures he has enough time left over to spend quality time with his wife, who was born here, and 2 young children, as family is very important to him.
After college, Oliver worked for a well-known magazine setting up and designing their website and after it became successful started looking around for a new project to interest him. UncomfortableFoot appealed to him as he likes the location and his work, which is challenging and interesting. Producers of high-quality footwear for those who want to be comfortable and who suffer from common foot problems, popular styles include sandals, sports shoes, walking boots, clogs, and much more from all the leading brands, such as Dansko, Born, ECCO and NAOT. They can make recommendations for anyone suffering foot problems, as well as give advice on various issues such as preventing blisters when hiking, finding the right sports shoe, wearing high heels, buying good quality boots, and a lot more.

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Diabetic Foot Care

31st August 2012
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